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The toasters shown here we know exist, but do not have; it is certain there are a good number of models we've never even seen, so if you have an old toaster you want to donate or sell, e-mail us with the information.

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The Porcelier , porcelain pop-up toaster. This toaster came in a variety of styles including the basketweave shown here...we need all of them!

General Electric model X-2 -- perhaps just made in experimental quantities.

The Perc-O-Toaster , percolator and toaster. This is a wonderful combination appliance from the 1920's made by the Armstrong Electrical Co. We're not usually concerned with finding an old toaster with its cord, but this unit has an unusual connection, so the cord is important.

El Tosto -- by Hotpoint. This illustration comes from a 1913 advertisement. Hotpoint had an entire line of "El..." appliances, which included the El Eggo egg cooker, the El Perco percolator, and the El Chafo chafing dish among several others. It is not known what influenced this marketing decision, but we vow to find out!

The Thermax model E1942 , made by Landers, Frary and Clark from c. 1915.

Early 1950's three slicer -- Toastmaster, model unknown; illustration from an old catalog.

Detroit Cabinet Toaster , this is another combination appliance. It toasts the bread horizontally and the top surface functions as a hotplate.

STAR-RITE Signal Toaster -- by the Fitzgerald Manufacturing Co. The bread tips out on its hinged door.

The TOASTOVE from c. 1910, by the Hoskins Manufacturing Co. of Detriot.

Toastmaster Bicentennial Toaster -- from 1976. Odds are it is red, white, and blue.




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