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ToasTite in Box

ToasTite Pudgy Pies

This advertisement/instruction sheet came in the box with the Toas-Tite. Guessing from the illustration style, this ad is probably from the late 1950s - early 1960s.

A non-electric toasting device, the Toas-Tite "Makes a Luscious Sealed-In Drip Proof Hot Toasted Sandwich", according to the literature, and was manufactured by Bar-B-Buns, Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The copy from the ad reads as follows:

Pudgy pies are what everybody yearns for: something new to eat!

These delectable little taste thrills look like miniature pies, crispy brown outside and sealed all around the edge so the filling won't drip out the back while you're biting the front.

All it takes to make pudgy pies is a spoonful of filling between two slices of bread. The Toas-Tite does the rest.

Made with fruit or preserves, pudgy pies are out of this world for a quick, easy dessert. With meat or cheese spreads, you get plump, hot savory pudgies, better than any sandwich you ever ate. Even leftovers take on glamour when served in piping hot pudgy pies.

Another thing you'll like about pudgy pies is that they're so easy to make, and there are no pots, pans, and dishes to clean up afterwards. Make them anywhere, over any kind of fire. Dad can show off his skill on his outdoor fireplace. The youngsters will go for pudgies made over the picnic fire.
For the real cook of the family, pudgy pies are first aid in stretching the food budget. They make appetizing use of leftovers that might otherwise be wasted. A spoonful of cold stew, or a dab of creamed chicken or fish is transformed into savory "chef's specials" for the children's lunch. If there isn't enough of one kind to go around, serve everyone a different pudgy pie surprise!




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