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For bread the merchant labors long and late;
For bread the beggar goes from gate to gate.
For bread the sailor loses hearth and home,
A thousand, thousand miles bread-seekers roam.

For bread the wild birds fall in nets and gins;
For bread do men commit a hundred sins.
For bread the soldier dies in seige and fight;
For bread the minstrel carols day and night.

For bread men study all that man may know.
The house that wanteth bread if filled with woe;
For bread unites the family as one,
Its lack divides the father from the son.

For bread are weddings made and sermons said;
Of all good things, the first and best is bread.

-- From Lyric Laughter by Arthur Guiterman

The disposable era arrives -- as it becomes cheaper to buy a new toaster than it is to have one repaired. Still - the toaster remains an accurate reflection of design trends.

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